Elesta art Travel is passionate about researching art, culture, and beauty. Its ability to link places, themes, and suggestions, creates itineraries with an artistic direction. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is examined and explored to offer an unforgettable experience of discovery in every corner of Italy, oftentimes off the beaten track. Forward-looking and ethical, Elesta art Travel has a love of Italy and works to satisfy the curiosity and feed the soul of those who choose to be guided through architecture and craftsmanship, through tradition and culture, through ancient crafts, gastronomy, fashion, and design. In one word, Elesta seeks beauty, everywhere it is.
Elesta art Travel researches, tests, and organizes itineraries and journeys, lasting hours or days, with the added value of a unique feature: a special advisory board. The board, formed of art historians, critics, designers, philosophers, and creators, with different experiences, competences, and cultures, share their in-depth knowledge of Italy and its treasures. They contribute to the design of itineraries and journeys proposed by Elesta. Their aim? To share Italy, in its most extraordinary and unknown aspects, with those who want to discover something more, to those who want to experience unique, simple, real, and invaluable realities.  


The artistic direction of Elesta art Travel is by Elisabetta Gavazzi Carissimo.

The coordination of activities is by Elena Sisti.



Photo by Emanuela Colombo, Beatrice Costa, Elisabetta Gavazzi, Elena Artoni, Rossano Valeri

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