Dante's Journey

Dante Alighieri died almost 700 years ago, Italy is going to celebrate the anniversary of the loss of its most important poet in 2021 with noumeros initiatives along the whole country to pay tribute to the life and the masterpieces of the poet.

Not everyone knows though that Dante was also a very intrepid and curios traveller. After his exile from Florence Dante travelled all the most important cities of the time: from Rome to Pisa, from Treviso to Padua, from Verona to Ravenna there are noticeable tracks of his permanence.

His poetry is filled with references to the cities where he lived, loved and wrote imagining the Inferno that has deeply affected the image we have of the afterlife.

To talk about his insatiable curiosity about new places Play the City e Elesta Art Travel wanted to start celebrating Dante with an innovative proposal: a virtual treasure hunt. 

You will follow the foot-steps of the poet on a journey to discover places where he lived and that still remember him.

We want to increase the knowledge about this aspects of Dante and create interest about the less known places in Italy where one day we will be allowed to travel again.

Use google street view to discover incredible places, without moving (for now) from home.

Price € 20, US$ 25 (one dowload is enough for the whole family) 


Booking & Info
by Francesco Mazzai
Francesco Mazzai is a guide expert in gamification. . 

He is the soul of Play the City was created to transform the way you look at the world: we tell stories to inspire a way of thinking that is research-oriented, even in everyday life.

Photo by Emanuela Colombo, Beatrice Costa, Elisabetta Gavazzi, Elena Artoni, Rossano Valeri

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