An ancient and noble art

Among the collections of artistic objects of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, metal objects of Italian and foreign manufacture hold a relevant place: from the brass plates of the XVI century preserved in the Dining Room to the washbasin in the Bath Room, which has an antique appearance but actually conceals an ingenious modern hydraulic system. Metal is the dominant element not only for these decorative objects but also for the beautifully wrought armours, on display in the Gallery of Arms in the Hall of the Museum.
The art of forging metal is a noble and ancient one. Come and discover how a Milanese metal sculptor translates it into the contemporary times with state-of-the-art techniques. Surrounded by a bamboo garden, his workshop, in a former factory of eye drops built in the Thirties, offers a unique experience. Thanks to the relentless experimentation on materials and to research, visitors are invited to discover artifacts that conceal, under the gravitas of their iron surface, a soul as light as graphite powder.

Details: departure point Bagatti Valsecchi Museum in Milan, duration 2,30 hours.

Photocourtesy: Ruggero Longoni

Booking & Info
by Elesta in collaboration with Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte

The Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art is a private non-profit organisation founded in Milan in 1995 by its President Franco Cologni. The Foundation promotes a range of cultural, scientific and educational projects, aimed at protecting and fostering the arts and crafts. The “Mestieri d’Arte” and “Ricerche” book series (published by Marsilio) narrate the history of this outstanding heritage, from its origin to the present day, examining both the great tradition of Italian know-how and new interpretations of contemporary craftsmanship. The book series “Storietalentuose”, published by Carthusia, introduces children to the fascinating world of Italian artistic crafts. The Cologni Foundation created the magazine Arts & Crafts & Design, published by Swan Group, dedicated to the excellence of the “Made in Italy” hallmark. The Cologni Foundation actively supports the training of young people in high-skilled craftsmanship and their integration into the labour market with its internship project “A School, a Job. A Road to Excellence”.


Photo by Emanuela Colombo, Beatrice Costa, Elisabetta Gavazzi, Elena Artoni, Rossano Valeri

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