Mosaic Grand Tour - Northern Italy

The art of tiny pieces can shape a town: this tour lets you experience how mosaics can craft masterworks. Starting from Milan, that hides wonderful examples of this art in two of its main churches, we will then move to Ravenna, the capital of mosaics that deserved the inclusion among the UNESCO World Heritage sites with eight monuments. The journey will follow the Adriatic coast, passing from Venice, where the gold of mosaics is reflected in the lagoon. We will finally land in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the towns of Aquileia, Grado and Trieste preserve superb mosaics dating back to the 4th - 11th centuries. The itinerary includes meeting with famous contemporary artist, a vistit to the most prestigiuos school of mosaics and a two days workshop in the prestigious Mosaic School of Ravenna, where you can learn the ancient techique. 

Due to Covid19 we are organising tailor made journeys. 
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Our team has designed the journey for people passionate about mosaics. The journey takes to visit atelier of famous mosaicists, see how tessere are still made by hand, learn from the amazing use of mosaic in ancient art for decorations of churches and palaces. You will have the chance to visit the most famous mosaic school of Italy and to admire in one building centuries of mosaic making history. Learn the ancient techniques in a workshop in Ravenna.

Following your passion for mosaics you will travel throgh the magnificent north of Italy and you will learn about italian culture. The journey is designed to take our guests through the iconic places of the cities, allowing time to get lost in the back streets, the artisanal shops and enjoy food, wines and dessert to understand that Italy with its many different cultures is still today a unique mosaic of differences in the making

Photo by Emanuela Colombo, Beatrice Costa, Elisabetta Gavazzi, Elena Artoni, Rossano Valeri

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