Special collections

Our special collections focus on a particolar theme or a specific location: we present you a collection around the special properties belonging to FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the National Trust for Italy), and unique experiences around Poggio Verdi Villa Country, a historic residence in the heart of green Brianza. A section is dedicated to a first introduction to Milan’s discovery, with tours thought to discover the city with an overall view. A fourth collection presents six detailed itineraries on food's value and identity for our life, projected in collaboration with a theatre school.

  VisitFAI with ElestaTravel
Tangible promouvoir une culture de respect de la nature, l'art, l'histoire et les traditions de l'Italie et de protéger un patrimoine qui constitue un élément fondamental de nos racines et de notre identité. Et «Telle est la mission de la FAI - Fonds pour l'environnement italienne, Fondation nationale à but non lucratif qui a sauvé depuis 1975, restaurée et ouverte aux témoignages importants publiques de l'artistique et naturel italien.
  Poggio Verde Country Villa
Poggio Verde Country Villa is a beautiful private house surrounded by green hills, half way between Como and Milan. This charming 19th c. residence, built on a sixteenth century farmhouse, has been handed down from generation to generation within a family passionate about literature and music. It has hosted various artists, including the musician Arturo Toscanini, and is the perfect place to relax in style.
  My first time in Milan
We propose a discovery of Milan starting from above, to have an overall view containing the main historical periods the city went through. The same day from the sky we return on the ground to discover the city's origins and its most ancient traces.
  The art of food
Inspired by EXPO2015, ElestaTravel offers in Milan a unique path in six stages focusing on food from its production to its spiritual quality, through sale and consumption: a way to discover concrete and symbolic values of nutrition. In each path the starting point is an object of art that can be found in museums and galleries of Milan and then we draw a fil rouge connecting farms, markets, table-decor shops, churches, restaurants.


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