Everything in this department is dedicated to the search for paths, a search carried out with patience in the belief that the history of people and communities can be brought to life. Piece by piece, tile by tile, our experts design a path that takes in both ordinary and extraordinary objects and sites. Cases are opened, objects tell stories, landscapes that have shaped history are discovered. Only when accompanied by archeological experts is it possible to fully understand what Italy unveils.

While our journeys start from the usual places, they go on to discover the many layers that have made Italy what it is. Join us on an excavation or take a course on restoration.

In collaboration with Valeria Gerli

Since obtaining her degree in Classical Literature with a dissertation on Etruscology, Valeria has followed her passion for archeology. As a guide she specialises in classical archeology and curates the elaboration and publication of itineraries at the Archeological Museum of Milan. She has excavation experience and research in Gortyna (Crete), Tarquinia, Villa del Foro, and Lavagnone in Italy. Valeria is currently president of GITEC, an Association of Italian Guides for Tourism and Culture.

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