We are women with very different stories and professional backgrounds, but we share a strong desire for the world to discover the beauty of Italy, and the extraordinary and often unknown aspects of its culture. We have created a community of collaborators that combine competencies in art, culture, and history with expertise in business organization, financial management, and company strategy.

ELESTA is a result of the meeting of passions, stories, and competences. We - Elena, Beatrice, and Elisabetta - work with many others who are our partners, who have inspired us, supported us and stimulated our ambition to discover Italy in many different ways.

  Elena Sisti Elena Sisti

Elena is a business consultant and mother of four daughters. She grew up in Latin America and studied Economics in Italy and NGO Management in the UK, where she worked for a financial company and an economic think-tank. Since moving back to Italy from London in 2007, Elena has been consulting in and researching project finance and economics. With Beatrice Costa, she co-authored“Le donne reggono il mondo - Intuizioni femminili per cambiare l’economia” (Women Sustaining the World - Using Feminine Intuition to Change Economics), a book on gender economics. It gave her the opportunity to improve her knowledge of Italy, after having travelled her whole life abroad. Elena believes that doing things with care is the only way forward in life and for Italy. She is ELESTA Director.

  Beatrice Costa Beatrice Costa

Beatrice has a degree in International and Political Science and a Master’s in Religious Studies. Diplomacy and theology are a peculiar pair of subjects that involve curiosity about human history and geography, culture, and migration. Professionally, Beatrice grew up in an international NGO, where she managed national programmes. She developed organisational and relational skills through dialogues with institutions and other civil society organisations. An enthusiastic traveller, she adores Albert Camus and is passionate about theatre and acting. Beatrice is convinced that behind every great woman there is always another great woman and believes ELESTA is the challenge of her thirties.

  Elisabetta Gavazzi Carissimo Elisabetta Gavazzi Carissimo

Since her childhood, Elisabetta has been surrounded by culture; she was brought up believing in the importance of protecting Italy’s artistic treasures (her dad was a councillor at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, in Milan, and at Italia Nostra, a Foundation dedicated to the preservation of Italy; her mum is an art historian). She became an architect, and worked for many different studios in Milan, such as Gardella, Albini-Helg-Piva, and Mangiarotti, working on projects for clients like Artemide e Mimmo Paladino. With her husband she moved to Germany, where she participated in international projects, and then came back to Florence to raise a family of two. She took numerous courses in art, and while studying the Munari System in Milan, started collaborating with the Art Group at the Centro Coscienza. At ELESTA, Elisabetta is responsible for creating each journey.


Photo by Emanuela Colombo, Beatrice Costa, Elisabetta Gavazzi, Elena Artoni, Rossano Valeri

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