Architecture emerged from craftsmanship. Sculpture emerged from the beauty of nature. And from paintings came the ability to use colour for fashion. There are few places like Italy where centuries of history have shaped every corner of the land and many different communities live side-by-side keeping alive very different ancient traditions. To journey through it, you need much more than a travel agent - you need culture, inspiration, knowledge, and expertise; in effect, you need curators. To achieve this, we work with a team that specialises in art, architecture, archeology, and applied arts, and caters for football, hiking, and automobile enthusiasts, to name a few. Everything is planned under the careful supervision of an Artistic Director.

Our vision: We believe in the power of beauty, culture, and art to bring joy to human life and make it worth living.

Our mission: We offer an unforgettable experience of Italy, unveiling the beauty of a country with glorious landscapes and a magnificent past, and opening the door to many hidden places and treasures that lie off the beaten track. We help you, the discriminating traveller, to explore your interests and realise your passions, guiding you through Italy’s varied and matchless cultural heritage.

The artistic direction of Elesta Travel is by Elisabetta Gavazzi Carissimo.

The coordination of activities is by Elena Sisti.


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